chocolate ice cream

National Ice Cream Day

  A perfect day to celebrate success. I love ice cream! The more the better.❤️ As you might have noticed the Chicago weather has been warming up which has forced me to switch to more liquid

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Red, White & Blue Ice Cream

Celebration of Independence Day

Happy Birthday America! In honor of the red, white and blue, I am planning my own colorful celebration. Focusing heavily on desserts. I have found patriotism and Ice Cream go perfectly together.😇 First a Strawberry Sundae

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Optimism Required (Part 2)

  “All the world’s a stage.”    – Famous words from William Shakespeare . Well it is time you start acting happy.😁 Yes, lots around us may seem negative. It is important not to ignore the

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Zoom Meeting

Brainstorming Not Optimal on Zoom

Zoom has become the “go to” way to communicate with other people, and there are many benefits of this vehicle. One that has suffered, however, is brainstorming. Brainstorming involves creativity. Innovative thinking beyond the obvious. The

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Cheering Crowd

One Word Says it All for 2022

  This is going to be an exciting year! As we begin 2022, there is much around us that projects uncertainty. Some of that uncertainty may create self doubt in you and your business. Let’s explore

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Goals Sign

Goals for the New Year

  At the beginning of every year people set their goals for the next 12 months. And every year about February or March they forget their goals or realize they haven’t started or think they do

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A Time for Reflection

  As we approach the end of 2021 it is a perfect time to evaluate what worked and what did not over the past 12 months. Time has a tendency to allow us to look back

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Finish Line

Finish Strong

  Many times as we get close to the end of a project, the conclusion of a year, or the end of a client relationship, or even the end of a job one has a tendency

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Video Icon

The Video Interview

  I discussed some of the benefits of videos in my last newsletter ( September 2021). Now, I would like to talk about a specific video. The video in an interview format. I believe having another

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Video Interview Icon

Videos Lead to Greater Connectivity

  The world is changing based on many external factors. Face to face interactions are being replaced by Zoom interactions. Technology is becoming an ever increasing part of how we interact with one another. Social media

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Zoom Example

Zoom Fatigue

  So many of us have replaced office meetings with Zoom calls. Face-to-face get-togethers are now done on Zoom. Sales calls are via you guessed it, Zoom. Almost all encounters involve Zoom or some similar technology.

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Consistency Builds Trust

  The concept of Marketing has expanded in its reach based on the ever increasing vehicles available. The frequency of communication is also exponential versus a short time ago. Even with all these changes, the old

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So Happy Together

  Words have so much more meaning today than ever before. We are opening back up as a society, yet there is still a lot of communication on the internet. What do those dynamics mean for

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Time to Shed Winter

  It may say March but in my mind it is the beginning of Spring and just as important the end of Winter. If you’re in a cold climate like me, that means no more constant

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