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Merging the mind and the heart through marketing

At Think Heart Strategy, we specialize in uncovering your unique “super powers” and integrating them into your personal and business marketing strategies. We collaborate with a diverse range of clients, from startups to billion-dollar enterprises, seeking out those with an entrepreneurial spirit. By harnessing this energy, we drive remarkable business success.

Discover your "WHY" Video Series

Jim Steuer uses video to find the intersection of your “WHY” and your passion so you can better connect with your customers and your team

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Jason Wright

Executive Management

President of Washington Commanders

“Jim reinforced my “WHY” in an enjoyable, relaxing way”

Jim helped me integrate my “WHY” with my passion for helping people.


Public Relations

“Jim makes interviewing fun, impactful, and helped my “WHY” attract more clients” .

Colleen McFarland-Jim Steuer-overlay

Management Consultant

"Jim helped me uncover my “WHY” leading to deeper connections with my customers and new found sales….WOW!"



"Jim led me down the road to uncovering a deeper connection with my "WHY".

Tom - Jim Video overlay

Executive Coaching

“Jim helped my business by discovering my “WHY””

Matt and Jim

Technical Marketing

“Jim discovered my “WHY”, and helped me build my brand around it”

Case Histories

Assisted a regional real estate company in developing a rebranding and new business strategy to expand their business and take it to the next level. Work included a website overhaul, new positioning and communication approach.


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