About Us

Think Heart Strategy specializes in marketing, positioning, and branding while working with a broad range of companies, from entrepreneurs to billion dollar businesses. We look to work with companies and people that have an entrepreneurial spirit and then leverage that spirit to generate business success.


Create compelling stories for individuals and companies so their information connects with their existing customer who feel good they are doing business with the company and potential customers who want to work with the company based on their story. I transform the company to be more connected, I call it merging the mind and heart through marketing.

Jim Steuer

About Jim Steuer

Jim Steuer is a seasoned and multi-faceted marketer who has worked for and with multi-billion dollar companies, middle-market businesses, and start-ups. Jim brings classic marketing experience with companies like Frito-Lay, AT&T, Sara Lee, Pepsi Foods, and Tony Roma’s as well as marketing consulting to dozens of companies over the years since forming his own marketing consultancy.

Jim brings a unique marketing perspective to any situation as a result of his breadth of experience. He looks at each situation from a fresh perspective always seeking the leverageable points of difference. Jim’s high energy is very motivating on an individual level and as a leader of a team.

Jim has an MBA in Marketing from the University of Chicago and a BA in Economics from Vanderbilt University.