About Us

Think Heart Strategy excels in marketing, positioning, and branding for a diverse range of clients, from entrepreneurs to billion-dollar enterprises. We seek out those with an entrepreneurial spirit, leveraging their drive to fuel business success and create impactful, authentic growth for both individuals and companies.


At Think Heart Strategy, we utilize a systematized approach to uncover your unique “super powers” and then unleash them into both your personal and business life. Our comprehensive process involves in-depth analysis, tailored strategies, and continuous support to ensure that your innate strengths are effectively integrated into every aspect of your endeavors. This approach not only enhances your personal growth but also drives significant business success, creating a harmonious and powerful synergy between your personal and professional worlds.

Jim Steuer

About Jim Steuer

Jim’s unique strength lies in his uncanny ability to understand people and businesses from the inside out. He swiftly identifies what sets individuals and their businesses apart and seamlessly integrates these unique “superpowers” into every aspect of their operations and personal branding. This holistic approach ensures that both the person and the business thrive authentically and impactfully.

Jim is a seasoned and multi-faceted marketer with extensive experience working for and with multi-billion-dollar companies, middle-market businesses, and startups. His classic marketing expertise comes from his tenure with renowned companies like Frito-Lay, AT&T, Sara Lee, Pepsi Foods, and Tony Roma’s. Since founding his own marketing consultancy, he has provided invaluable marketing consulting to dozens of companies over the years.

Jim’s breadth of experience lends a unique marketing perspective to any situation. He approaches each challenge with a fresh outlook, always seeking to identify leverageable points of difference. His high energy and motivational leadership style inspire both individuals and teams, driving them towards remarkable success.

Jim has an MBA in Marketing from the University of Chicago and a BA in Economics from Vanderbilt University.