Case Histories

Case History #1 Real Estate

We assisted an all-female regional real estate company in developing a rebranding and new business strategy to elevate their business to the next level. Our approach involved integrating their “heartfelt” commitment to customer service into their website, brand positioning, communication strategy, and social media, ensuring their core values were reflected across all messaging.

We personalized content through stories, testimonials, and case studies, showcasing their dedication to understanding and meeting their customers’ needs from the heart. This comprehensive integration established a cohesive and compelling brand presence that resonated deeply with their customer base.

As a result, the company built long-term loyalty and growth, with referrals and repeat business now accounting for over 95% of their sales. Over the past five years, the company has continued to thrive in a competitive marketplace, with significant growth in both their bottom line and overall market presence.

Case History #2: Entrepreneur Start-Up

A female business person decided to take the leap into the uncharted waters of entrepreneurship. She needed both consulting support and psychological reassurance that she was on the right path. To address this, we developed questions to better understand her business and personal history, ensuring that any potential issues from no longer having a large team could be anticipated and mitigated ahead of time.

We crafted a company name that resonated with her best personal qualities, reflecting her inner strengths. The design elements were carefully chosen to align with her business vision. Together, we developed a mission statement that encapsulated her dream and the impact she aspired to have.

Through constant and heartfelt communication, we provided guidance and encouragement, helping her blossom into the high achiever she was meant to be. This ongoing support not only bolstered her confidence but also reinforced her commitment to her entrepreneurial journey.

With the company off to a great start, there’s no turning back. Multiple new customers have been attracted through effective marketing efforts, including newsletters, event presentations, and personalized texts to her mailing list. These ongoing communications have kept her top of mind with potential clients and reassured current customers that they made the right choice in partnering with her.

Case History #3: Consumer Products

We partnered with an $80 million consumer products company to rebrand their business. Sales had stagnated, and both their sales force and customers needed a fresh burst of energy. Our services included comprehensive business consulting and rebranding, which encompassed a new positioning, promotion strategy, repricing, and communication approach for new consumers.

To ensure the new direction resonated deeply, we involved the internal team in brainstorming sessions, making sure their voices and insights were integral to the process.

The results were transformative. Sales increased by over 15%, a dramatic turnaround given the previous decline. The brand team felt a renewed sense of engagement with both the consumers and each other, fostering a more vibrant and cohesive company culture.

The result was sales increased over 15% which was dramatic given sales had been declining. In addition, the brand team felt a renewed sense of engagement with the consumer and each other.

The result was sales increased over 10% which was dramatic given sales had been declining. In addition, the brand team felt a renewed sense of engagement with the consumer and each other.

Case History #4 Technology

A technology company had experienced stagnant sales for several years and was in desperate need of a fresh approach to marketing and branding. Their morale was low, and they needed to rejuvenate both their image and their spirits to appeal to existing and potential customers.

We embarked on a complete rebranding journey, starting with brainstorming sessions that included staff and external customers. This collaborative effort helped us uncover valuable insights and determine a new direction. The rebranding involved creating a new positioning strategy, developing innovative ways to communicate with customers, crafting a compelling new tagline, and designing an impactful sales presentation.

This integrated approach revitalized the company. Last year became their best year ever, and this year, they are trending 50% better. Customers now see them as the go-to team for solving content management needs. New business inquiries are pouring in, and referrals have skyrocketed, accounting for 50% of their new business.

Our ongoing consulting efforts included creating a monthly newsletter for potential and existing customers, setting up and attending business development meetings, assisting with staff interviews, and establishing a profit-sharing plan for employees. We also conducted a thorough analysis of internal operations, streamlining business processes to allow more work to be completed by the same number of people in less time.

The transformation has been remarkable. Not only has the company’s performance improved significantly, but the morale and enthusiasm within the team have also soared. This heartfelt and collaborative approach has breathed new life into the business, fostering a sense of pride and optimism that continues to drive their success.