Case Histories

Case History #1: Real Estate

Assisted a regional real estate company in developing a rebranding and new business strategy to expand their business and take it to the next level. Work included a website overhaul, new positioning and communication approach.

The result is the business has continued to grow over the past 5 years and the bottom line has grown as well in a very competitive marketplace. This strategy has helped support their referrals and repeat business that now make up over 95% of their sales.

Case History #2: Marketing Services

Research was required for a marketing services company to evaluate why its major customer was dissatisfied with their work and determine how to invigorate the relationship. Developed a research template to determine the root cause of the issue. Extensive research was conducted including a brainstorming session which helped focus on the future opportunities for the team and helped build brand equity as well. Results were a better relationship with their major client and extending the findings in all their business connections which led to multiple new business projects. The internal team became more aligned with the new business strategy which helped foster a more positive work environment leading to more job satisfaction and increased collaboration.

Case History #3 Technology

A technology company had stagnant sales for several years. They were in need of a new marketing and branding approach to their business. They needed to jump start morale as well as look fresh to their existing and potential customers. A complete rebranding of the company was the answer. Brainstorming sessions were held with staff and external customers. From this research a new direction was determined. This direction involved integrating a new positioning, new ways to communicate with existing customers, a new tagline, and a new sales presentation. This integrated approach led to last year being their best year ever and the company is currently trending 50% better this year. The side benefit is customers see this company as the go to team to solve their content management needs. New business is calling them based on their new reputation and referrals have increased to 50% of the new business.

Ongoing consulting involved creating a monthly newsletter sent to potential and existing customers. In addition, setting up and attending business development meetings plus assisting with staff interviews as well as establishing a profit sharing plan for employees. A thorough analysis of internal operations was conducted which streamlined business processes and allowed for more efficient and effective workflow. The outcome was more work was able to be completed by the same number of people in less time.

Case History #4: Consumer Product

Worked with an $80 million consumer products company in rebranding their business. Sales had stagnated and they needed to reenergize their sales force and customers as well. Services included business consulting, a rebranding including a new positioning, promotion strategy, repricing, and communication approach with new consumers. The internal team participated in brainstorming sessions to ensure their voice was a part of the new direction.

The result was sales increased over 15% which was dramatic given sales had been declining. In addition, the brand team felt a renewed sense of engagement with the consumer and each other.

The result was sales increased over 10% which was dramatic given sales had been declining. In addition, the brand team felt a renewed sense of engagement with the consumer and each other.

Case History #5: Financial

A financial company was getting started looking for a new customer base, a new brand strategy and positioning that described how the business was going to be successful, and a communication strategy that took advantage of their historical success. Multiple meetings were held to answer questions from an in depth questionnaire that was used to determine the map for this new endeavor. In addition, a research questionnaire was created and calls were made to existing investors. From these two forms of research a brand strategy was created which included a tag line that separated them from their competition. This approach included developing a personalized strategy to involve the leader of this business with personal communication with his investors as well as potential investors. By leveraging the personality of the leader, this approach made the customer feel their interests were first. In addition, monthly correspondence was sent out as well as presentations which reiterated how their way of operating was different than a typical financial firm. The results of this targeted, personalized, communication approach has been new business and increased money from existing investors with the business almost quadrupling in size.

Ongoing consulting has involved assisting with monthly newsletters, creating new business presentations, developing a new website, attending business development meetings as well as regular research with existing investors to ensure their satisfaction.