Leadership …. With Love

  Times are a changin’ and if you are leading, you need to change too. It used to be that I’d tell you what

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Culture Sign CC

Culture Matters More Than Ever!

Workers are functioning in a hybrid mode currently. What that means is they are in the office for a % of time and working

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Everything is Love

  As I talk with and listen to leaders in the business world, I am constantly reminded to get out of my head and

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All you need is love

All You Need is Love

It was true in 1968 and it is still true in 2023 The world is filled with discord. That discord has lead to anger.

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checker flags racing flags flags 297188

Tis the Season to Finish Strong

  December is the last month of the year. Lots of people use it as a time to reflect on the year. Their thoughts

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Thanks for Thanksgiving

  November is my month to reflect. I remember all that I am grateful for. I always start with my family. How they make

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encouragement sign

Cheer Someone On

The fourth quarter of 2022 is underway. It is a time for you to peak. Build on all that happened the past 9 months

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chocolate ice cream

National Ice Cream Day

  A perfect day to celebrate success. I love ice cream! The more the better.❤️ As you might have noticed the Chicago weather has

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Red, White & Blue Ice Cream

Celebration of Independence Day

Happy Birthday America! In honor of the red, white and blue, I am planning my own colorful celebration. Focusing heavily on desserts. I have

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Optimism Required (Part 2)

  “All the world’s a stage.”    – Famous words from William Shakespeare . Well it is time you start acting happy.😁 Yes, lots

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Zoom Meeting

Brainstorming Not Optimal on Zoom

Zoom has become the “go to” way to communicate with other people, and there are many benefits of this vehicle. One that has suffered,

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